Ros Horner

Ros Horner


Ros Horner is a London based (print turned digital) Design Director, working on apps and websites and things for clients including Adidas, Reebok, McLaren, Volvo and Moet. A lover of luxury design and new technology Ros is however, still the proud owner of a Nokia 6230 with a two week battery life and an iMac with no internet connection. Because design should improve things!

Ros tries to balance her on and off screen work (and life), and with a background in fashion magazines, and branding her work has a strong foundation in ideas, and craft.


If your family are in the circus and you work in advertising, you're not the creative one

Go to conference, get well inspired by conference and feel new lust for more creative life, plan to change life starting now! stop going on Twitter, maybe throw out TV, start sketching, start sketch noting? start own business? Maybe speak at conference next year about new fulfilled creative life, inspire others.

Go back to work, do half a drawing, realise you're better at drawing in your head, get email about timecard violation, go on Twitter.

My family really were in the circus, and I really work in advertising. Join me (the least creative person in my family) for a breezy, positive look at my award winning and non award winning work. Along with musings on sticking to your goals, staying inspired in a corporate world, happiness, pleasure, time, money, and creativity.


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