Vallee & Duhamel

Vallee & Duhamel


The word for work is play

This session tells time. Or times.

The time we had an office between a pile of dirty dishes and a washing machine. The time we calculated so many frames that it was the only thing we could dream about at night. The time we spent seven nights and days without eating or sleeping, like people in a survival situation.

The time the wind blew so loud and strong through the studio it felt like all the windows would shatter. The time coffee was spilled on one of our computer only one day before the deadline.

The time we climbed up to a downtown Montreal rooftop and shot all night and drank too much coffee. The time we played Ping-Pong in a corn field. The time we threw thousands of objects in the air and nothing happened.

This session is also about all the times that make it worthwhile for us.

The times we spend with friends and family, doing crazy things with no apparent meaning, and finding out that people relate to the same apparently meaningless things as we do. It?s about refusing to grow up and get a real job and start taking life more seriously.