Cyriak Harris

Cyriak Harris


In 2004 I began infecting the internet with my surreal animations. This was mainly for my own amusement, but after a couple of years it ended up being my job.

The software I use is Adobe After Effects, which I use and abuse to create weird photo and video montages for adverts, tv shows and music videos.

I currently live in the middle of nowhere in Hampshire, where I fight a continuing battle against the forces of death and decay whilst working on my own, with only a tenuous broadband connection to remind me that the outside world exists.


Making it up as I go along

That's what I do in a nutshell, in my work and in my life. With the vaguest of plans, the haziest memory and the fuzziest idea of where I am going, I have somehow managed to carve out some form of successful career for myself.

I'm not even sure what I'm going to be talking about yet, but I'll think of something... probably where I started and how I got here and what I've been working on recently.

So come along and get inspired by weird animations of mutating animals, and perhaps get some insight into my working processes.


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