Eugene Zatepyakin

Eugene Zatepyakin


Eugene Zatepyakin was born in Moscow Russia and for the first 19 years of his life never thought he would deal with programming C/C++/Flash/Java/JavaScript based applications and such stuff.

Eugene spent some time in school programming VB and Delphi hackish applications and that was the beginning of his love to program unusual things.

Eugene says 'I don't try to focus on specific topics in my work and experiments. Everything that I touch on seems interesting to me: Generative art, math algorithms, image processing, 3D stuff and so on'.

Meanwhile Eugene moved to Austria and is working on different Computer Vision projects to improve user experience in a wide variety of products.


Revealing Computer Vision magic within your Web Browser

Time passes and my old "partner" Flash™ is fading out of my memory. Nowadays I completely switched to C/C++ but as usual I like to experiment with different ideas and today it's trendy to play with JavaScript! ;-)

I started a research project called JSFEAT to explore JS/HTML5 possibilities using modern & state-of-art Computer Vision algorithms. I will present and explain fundamental methods that are the starting point for most of the Computer Vision magic.

No tricks like "emscripten" or "asm-js" everything is pure-easy-to-read JavaScript and completely open source!


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