Bradley G Munkowitz ( GMUNK ) is a Graphic Designer by foundation who has over a decade of experience functioning as a Design Director for the motion graphics industry.

He's also remained passionately involved in the global design community, giving lectures around the world about his Process and Experiences.

He's collaborated with distinguished International Brands via his work at top tier outfits BUCK, Prologue Films, Transistorstudios and Bot&Dolly and has designed UI and Holographic sequences on the feature films TRON and Oblivion with Joseph Kosinski.

His work is characterized as a hybrid of Science Fiction themes informed by a Psychedelic visual palette.


Come Take a Journey Through Time and Space

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage with Munkowitz as he guides you through an hour of intense graphic stimulation.

Together you will intimately unravel a design career treated as an adventure in discovery, a lesson in humility, a thirst for unwavering stimulation through reference and research, and ultimately an output spanning everything from Feature Film Holograms, Robotic Installations, Science Fiction UI and Psychedelic Prints galore.

Grab your space helmet, strap it down and let's do this.

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