James White

James White


James White is a Canadian artist and designer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is the 1-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio where he produces visual artistry for professional and personal projects.

He began his career as a designer in 1998 but started drawing way back in 1981 at the age of 4. His creative path has led to him working with clients such as Nike, MTV, Google, Wired, VH1, Kevin Smith and more. He enjoys colourful stuff, nerdy things, Bezier points and a good metal song.


The Journey, not the Destination

We're creative people not because it's easy... but because it's hard.

James White, the 1-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio, takes you through some of the more turbulent and confusing times in his career as a designer.

For all the successes, we each have numerous low points which can affect output, perception, stability and mood.

This isn't a celebration of failure, but more of a close look into the life of a designer as he searches for his creative voice in pursuit of doing the work he truly loves.

James will share his 10-year journey as a young designer, the frustrations of finding a creative voice, the pitfalls of "going viral" and how every experience makes us a little stronger... and we can scream a little louder.

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