Luke Whittaker

Luke Whittaker


Luke Whittaker established the indie games company State of Play in 2008, and specialises in the design and animation of hand-crafted games, often using pencils, papercraft and laser cutting to create game art.

At State of Play he developed the IGF-nominated puzzle adventure game Lume, as well as the forthcoming sequel Lumino City, which involved the creation of a miniature city out of paper and cardboard, including working lights and electric motors.

He also creates hand made animations for clients including Oxfam and Macmillan, and makes illustrated screenprints with Print Club London.


What are we fighting for?

How do we follow our creative dreams if they appear in conflict with so many other forces? How do we foster an individual creative space in a world where the accepted rules are that bigger is better, successful businesses are those which must grow in size? And how do we make enough money to carry on creating without losing what made you start all this in the first place?

Luke is head of indie games company State of Play who created Lume and Lumino City, both crafted in a unique way from paper, card and miniature electric motors. This talk will look at how State of Play works and show what must be challenged, gambled, and trusted to make the work we love.

Examining how larger creative companies like Pixar operate and keep the passion and unrivalled quality, we'll see how carving your own space in the world can help create better work and a more satisfying creative life.


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