Rachel Max

Rachel Max


Rachel Max is sort of American. It's complicated. She's definitely a designer and an animator though. That might be complicated too. Look, what's not complicated?

Anyway, Rachel used to make short award-winning animated films which screened all over the world and on IFC, HBO, and Comedy Central. She sometimes threatens to make more short films but currently she's into User Experience Design and making Apps and Software more fun and easier to use.

After spending the last six years at Apple, Rachel is currently freelancing in Silicon Valley. Sometimes she gets to draw and animate unicorns for clients. No joke.

She loves music and has a radio show in San Francisco called the MaxMix on Radio Valencia. Sometimes she performs comedy.

One thing you should know about Rachel is that she doesn't like to write about herself in the third person.


More Cowbell

I quit my dream job at the best company in the world because I needed more ... something I can't sum up succinctly so I'm calling it, "More Cowbell".

It's not like I have a story about leaving a top company and starting my own thing and making zillions and riding unicorns and never looking back - but for now, I am happy I left and I'll explain why.

I'll also talk about Illustration styles, letterpress printing, music, the stupid morning, being over-analytical, freelancing to exercise your design muscles, establishing boundaries, hating yourself less, and, wait for it, unicorns.