Tony Harmer

Tony Harmer


Prior to joining Adobe this year, Tony Harmer has worked in the creative industry for over 30 years on a range of design, illustration and web/screen projects.

An Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor in several products (holding more than 160 certifications and one of only a small number to achieve status as a Creative Suite Master) Tony has delivered training all over the UK and Europe.

Tony was the chapter leader for the London InDesign User Group for seven years and presented frequently on InDesign-even helping to influence the decision to integrate forms into the product-as well as Illustrator, Photoshop and Creative Cloud topics for Adobe.

Additionally Tony has delivered training on HTML & CSS web standards topics, and has written frequently for magazines and blogs, but more than anything still just loves to sit and draw with pens, pencils and Adobe Illustrator.


Pixels, vectors, timelines & fist shaking

Almost every day, one of us will be using an Adobe product.

Many of us will love our tools passionately, but every now and then, we will shake our fists at our screen, muttering words under our breath that we don't want others to hear!

Whether you deal with pixels, vectors or timelines, we are all keen to know that shortcut key, or a great technique that will make our lives easier.

In this session, Tony will go beyond the usual product demos, and look more at some of the tips & tricks that will reduce the amount of fist shaking we all do.

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