Wouter Verweirder

Wouter Verweirder


Wouter Verweirder is a faculty member of the Technical University of West-Flanders (HOWEST), where he teaches multimedia and web development.

He is also owner of a company called "Happy Banana," where he works on web projects, mobile apps & interactive installations.

Currently, he's teaching programming in the Devine (Digital Design and Development) curriculum, a three-year creative bachelor course combining front- end development with design.

In his classes, students learn the basics of programming and advance to larger, experimental projects with NodeJS, ObjectiveC, OpenFrameworks, Arduino, ...

Hands-on experience is very important and his students get a lot of practical lab sessions as well as real world projects.


Javascript workout

Are you wondering what else is there, beyond javascript in a cage called the browser?

Join this session to see how you can interact with sensors, electronics or crowd data. I will show you how you can use basic principles to interact with the physical world.

Advisory: Stretch before and after.


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