Andrew Spooner

Andrew Spooner


Andrew Spooner is a Creative Technologist and User Experience Evangelist working at Microsoft in the UK. He spends his time playing with the latest hardware and software looking beyond the technical specification to see how technology can be used in surprising yet useful scenarios.

He has over 15 years of web development experience, recent work at Microsoft has been around applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone and explorations into Natural User Interfaces. He runs workshops for visual and UX designers on emerging Microsoft technologies.

He is the producer of a series of design films titled 'Conversations' which can be watched on his blog.

In his spare time he is a musician, photographer and painter. His favourite technology is the human.


Welcome to 2017. This is the current level of human happiness. And this is the date and time you will die.

Internet of Things, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis & Holograms - we're bringing our fun-bag to this session!

With wearable sensors for collecting human data becoming more prolific, and the unlimited amount of storage space that is now available through cloud storage, and the general availability of complex machine learning algorithms, it's time to take a check on the game changing technology you can use today to make your products (digital or physical) stand out from the rest.

This interactive session with Microsoft Technical Evangelists Andrew Spooner and Amy Nicholson will take a look at how it is possible to capture live human data on a massive scale (and doing that using sensors in the room), see how it is possible now to use the massive power of cloud computation to learn from that collected data (that'll be done live too with your input) and then look at how we (all of us) can use that data (now) to make predictions on future events and ultimately use holographic technology to visualise that data.

Science fact, not science fiction.


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