Ben Foxall

Ben Foxall


Ben is a frontend developer at White October in Oxford, where he gets to explore new ways of interacting with the web platform.

He embraces hangovers, and spends them drinking earl grey tea, listening to David Bowie, and rewriting javascript to be incomprehensibly functional.

He's worked on a large range of projects - and is particularly driven by realtime web, multi-device interactions, live data collection and visualisation. If something can be live-demoed, Ben will live demo it.

He is a keen member of the javascript community; co-founding JSOxford and the (slightly underground/secret) Javascript Adventure Club.


Your data and you

We generate a lot of data as we go about our lives.

Some of our data might be linked straight back to us, or maybe it's been anonymised as part of a larger dataset, or maybe it never even left our own devices. Regardless of where it is stored, we still have a connection to our data - it exists because we do.

We'll take a look at what makes our data personal, the things that make it much more than an entry in a big dataset, and how we can be open with our data whilst respecting our own privacy.

We'll explore some visualisation principles, how we can use features of the web platform to gather and visualise data, and if we have time, I'll also tell you how to survive a bear attack.