David Lenaerts

David Lenaerts


David is a freelance programmer and graphics developer based in Belgium with a strong preference for visually applied mathematics and physics in 2D and 3D.

He spends most of his time locked inside, babbling incoherently, smashing his keyboard and drinking coffee.

To pass the time between cups, he likes to create visually rich games, applications and graphics experiments.

During off moments when not coding, David is a bit of a Lego nut, a gaming enthusiast and wannabe musician known to abuse a musical instrument or two.


A Peek at the Future of 3D on the Web

3D on the web has had an interesting history. We've come a long way since the not-so-successful browser support for VRML or the immensely popular but technically limited 3D boom in Flash.

Flash's late-to-the-party support for GPU-based 3D rendering API Stage3D has become largely overshadowed by WebGL, the JavaScript-based cousin of OpenGL ES, which is natively supported in most recent browsers and with it comes a new generation of 3D engines such as AwayJS and three.js.

Compared to what consoles and native desktop games can churn out, however, WebGL is still in its infancy.

In this talk, well take a look at extensions and WebGL 2.0: what lies ahead in the near future (or hidden in the present) and how we'll be able to use these things to lift your 3D graphics work to the next level.


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