Jeff Greenspan

Jeff Greenspan


Jeff's professional time is spent helping brands talk to people.

The New York based mischief-maker has worked at Facebook and Buzzfeed (where he used to be Chief Creative Officer), helping brands create the kind of engaging and shareable content that has become the holy grail for so many marketing teams. He is currently a freelancer.

From building The World's Most Exclusive Website and painting "tourist lanes" on NYC pavements, to investigating (in literal terms) whether the chicken or the egg comes first and setting hipster traps around Brooklyn, Jeff makes an art form out of the silly and simple. His ability to imagine and execute these sorts of ideas seems like a compulsion rather than a career plan, with some of his most interesting work completely self-initiated.


Be Your Own Brand

Many of us lend our creative talents to brands. Well, not really "lend," more like "sell." We pour our energies into helping companies articulate what they stand for in clear and interesting ways.

Sometimes, the best way to make headway in this direction is to lead by example. Personal projects not only highlight our abilities and expertise, but also make us more attractive to agencies and brands, as both are excited to work with those who've been able to make their point of view stand out.

Self-directed projects have fostered a habit within me where I'm constantly creating. They've helped me connect with a worldwide audience and have drawn like-minded clients and collaborators into my circle.

I'll share some stories, ranging from the rational to the ridiculous, to show the strength one can develop through independent projects. Let's not wait for permission or briefs to assert ourselves creatively!