Jolyon Russ

Jolyon Russ


Jolyon Russ has been playing with pixels and vectors for 17 years, originally studying as a designer he naturally gravitated towards Flash as his technology of choice, over the years the tools have changed but the drive to engage and build meaning has not.

He contracts as a Creative Technologist for startups, agencies and client-side in London. In between contracts Jolyon likes to work on side projects stretching his knowledge, adding new languages and techniques to his arsenal.


How to build a startup

Jolyon is going take you on a fast paced tour through the process of going from nothing to something.

He'll cover the excitement of that initial spark of inspiration, through the MVP and finding collaborators, to the hard graft of building a new thing that's never existed before, ending in the labour pains of releasing it to the world.

He'll also touch on validating your ideas, growth and of course profit! Expect live coding and potential expletives when things don't go according to plan.