Jon Hicks

Jon Hicks


Jon Hicks is a Graphic Designer based in Oxfordshire, UK.

He runs HICKS with his wife Leigh and is most widely known as the logo designer of Firefox, Thunderbird, Silverback and Mailchimp, as well as recent icon projects for Spotify and Skype.

He also quite literally wrote the book on Icons: 'The Icon Handbook' for Five Simple Steps Publishing.


Retreat to the Shed!

Although traditionally seen as a male retreat, we all need a shed to retreat to. We need a place to escape to for experiments, relaxation and experience the freedom to cast off external briefs and pressures to have fun.

It's good for the soul and enables us to grow beyond our confines and challenge ourselves.

This talk looks at how to squeeze shed time in to our busy lives and the kind of diversions we can find there!

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