Martin Beeby

Martin Beeby


Martin Beeby has been a developer since he was 16. Having no garage, unlike his American counterparts, he began developing small sites, apps and hacks from the comfort of his bedroom.

Early on, this involved discovering how to send SMS messages for free by piggybacking on a service owned by HMV. (This was back when an SMS could cost up to 30p), the resulting service - ZipSMS - grew to capture around 1% of all texts sent each day.

It also captured HMV's attention and, while they were surprisingly good about it, ultimately this meant the demise of that particular brainchild!

Since then, his career has followed roughly the same path - find stuff that needs fixing and then use technology to fix it.

Today Martin works for Microsoft where he talks to developers about HTML5, Windows 10 and the web. Martin has been developing since he was 16 and over the past 17 years has worked on projects with many Major brands.

Martin has written articles for, and been featured in, NET Magazine, Creative Bloq, SitePoint, ZDNet, the Microsoft Developer Network, and many more.


The Hitchhikers Guide to JavaScript Futures

It's not long until the future and when we get there, everything is going to be built in JavaScript. Hover boards, flying cars, and the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, will be built with, programmed by and calculated using JavaScript_ a future version of JavaScript which is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike Todays JavaScript.

I know, because I have been to the Future and rather than wasting my time discovering how Kanye West had become supreme leader of Earth or why England had been renamed South Scotland. I instead spent my time view sourcing a web app and what I discovered got me so excited I knew I just had to write a session and take it to Reasons to be Creative.

In this demo-heavy session I will explain how our future selves are using new JavaScript (ES6/2015/7) features such as promises, classes, template strings, destructuring, proxies and much, much more to build the next generation of everything.

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