Mike Brondbjerg

Mike Brondbjerg


Mike is a designer / developer / artist working in data visualisation, information design, web applications and generative design, using a range of technology including Processing, Arduino, HTML, JS, CSS, D3JS & WebGL.

He runs a small studio in the South East of England with Polly Vinyard working on projects with clients & agencies including: Kings College London, Chelsea Football Club, Oxfam, Disney, Abbott Laboratories, Lilly, The Away Foundation & 51Degrees.

Their work ranges from analytical information design & data visualisations through to data illustration and generative design.

Mike is never happier than when finding a new data source to seed a new design, animation or abstract illustration.


How to use data in your creative process

Data is everywhere, it's in the messages we send, the sounds we hear, the images in our museums, and even within our own bodies. So let's sample it as a rich source material for our creative projects.

In this How To session, we'll look at how we can use different types of data as a creative starting point and use it to sample colour & form for illustration projects and create animated expressive data visualisations.

We'll start from some hello world "creative coding" with Processing, move quickly through sampling colour & shape data to create illustrations, for print web & motion, and then onto gathering and visualising data from Arduino sensors.

This How To session is aimed at developers who want to explore code as a creative tool, and designers who want to use the diversity of data to expand their creative output.

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