Mike Jones

Mike Jones


Mike Jones is a technologist and enabler. He has worked for multiple clients and assisted numerous companies in defining and developing innovative solutions across multiple platforms and devices.

Day to day he provides consultation, training and development services, and his expertise has been employed by the likes of BBC, British Telecom, Sony, Adobe, Mars, Diesel and UBS to name a few.

As a former Platform Evangelist at Adobe, Mike has presented workshops and sessions art various international conferences and is well versed in speaking on both technical and business oriented topics.


Swift - New, modern & expressive or just a magical unicorn?

Technology is moving faster than ever, and we are now finally breaking out of the confines of the PC age and moving quickly in to wearable always connected consumer devices, home automation and beyond.

When a new innovation ripple runs through technology certain elements are the drivers and some grow to support that innovation. Swift certainly broaches both stools - while it is an obvious successor to Objective-C for Apple's OS X and iOS ecosystems it is also a driver of change in how a lot of us will likely interact with software languages going forward.

Terms like new, modern are bandied around and it can be hard to determine if this is just "distortion field" marketing or something that is genuinely worth getting to grips with.

In this session Mike will be giving an overview of what Swift is and how you can leverage it. You'll get a good understanding of its syntax, structure and what is or isn't currently included - after all it's only a year…

Warning: May contain unicorns

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