Remy Sharp

Remy Sharp


Remy is the founder and curator of ffconf, the UK based JavaScript conference. He also ran jQuery for Designers, co-authored Introducing HTML5 (adding all the JavaScripty bits) and likes to grumble on Twitter.

Whilst he's not writing articles or running and speaking at conferences, he runs his own development and training company in Brighton called Left Logic. And he built these too: Confwall,,,, nodemon,,, 5 minute fork and!


The toxic side of 'free'

Open Source isn't all champagne sipping, closing GitHub issues and sleeping on a bed of cash.

That said, it doesn't help when you build a product that anyone can use, any way they choose, utterly unchecked, because eventually, and quickly, it'll be abused.

JS Bin is 7 years old in 2015 and it's seen an unfair amount of abuse. This is the dark story of just some of that abuse, what was done and the side effects.


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