Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin


Hailing from a rough and tumble upbringing, Shantell Martin made her way to Central Saint Martin where she graduated with honors.

Upon graduation, she was unsure of what to make of the art world, opting for an unconventional path of living and working in Japan as a performance artist.

Shantell's move to New York in 2008/9 marked the beginning of a rapid ascent into the art world. Her brand collaborations with prominent commercial brands, as well as with bespoke luxury partners like 3x1 denim, Suno, and Jaw Bone quickly drew a fine art and commercial audience.

Using her simple trademark - black ink and white surfaces, her illustrations transform everything from walls, found objects, ceramics, luxury goods, sneakers, and even faces into a visual narrative.

Shantell's diverse portfolio illustrates her gift of navigating many worlds. Her commissions at Asia's ultra-high end department store Lane Crawford and Y&R's global headquarters were met with the same amount of fanfare as her first solo museum show in the spring of 2014.


Found The Found

Creatives, artists, writers, travelers and perhaps everyone in between all have more than a few things in common.

We are all somehow trying to find our way to yay.

Shantell Martin has been finding her own way through the language of words and lines, which has led her to the intersection of art, technology and fashion.

In Shantell's talk you'll hear about her process, collaborations and future adventures.