Tom Vian

Tom Vian


As the programming half of SFB Games, Tom Vian has been making games with the artistic half - his brother Adam - for over 13 years, showing no sign of stopping.

Since 2012, they've branched out from browser games and found success on mobile and Steam with their games Haunt the House: Terrortown and Detective Grimoire.

Tom also worked to port the fantastic sound tool sfxr into a handy Flash-based browser version, which he very cleverly called as3sfxr, and is now working on a newly released sound generation tool called ChipTone.


Sounds Good

One of the five primary senses, and one of the just two we usually use to experience media, sound is still often overlooked, pushed back, left until last, especially in game development.

Creating your own sounds in particular is seen as a daunting task, a realm of endless dials and graphs that must surely take years to divine meaning from.

In this session, Tom will cover the basics of what sound is and how it works, the principles of sound synthesis, how to synthesize your own sound in code, and how to apply that to your work, along with some simple to use sound design tricks.