Adam Butler

Adam Butler


Adam Butler is a Full Stack web developer and creative coder who spends his days building startups and products at Simpleweb in the beautiful city of Bristol.

Once a Flash developer he converted to a career in a front end role in 2010 before falling in love with Ruby and Ruby on Rails and has since been instrumental in delivering products for two major high street banks, one of the largest tech companies in the world and and dozens of startups that you haven't heard of- yet.

Adam also builds his own tools and services on and is a huge advocate of open source, recently releasing his whole archive of personal projects onto GitHub as an experiment.

Furthermore he has always had a love of working on experimental projects, be it iBeacons, projection mapping, video tracking, drones, or most prevalently hardware hacking and reverse engineering anything and everything in sight.

For the last seven years he has organised various workshops, talk nights and hack events in across the south west including Bristol JS and has many exciting plans for the future.


Rewired Learning

  • beginner
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  • advanced
  • developers
  • creative
  • technical
  • Front End
  • Examples

Coders have incredibly rewarding jobs, we get to build products that change the world and improve the quality of peoples' lives. However it is also one of the most mentally challenging careers - As developers we're expected to build something from nothing, that works across a increasingly diverse range of platforms in a constantly evolving landscape, all too often with very limited resource.

In this talk I'll cover these challenges as well as playful mechanics that you can use to tackle these issues, whilst developing yourself personally. We'll look at some strategies to ensure that you continue to test your assumptions, experiment often and stay motivated, including some fun hardware hacks that have taught me some genuine skills that I actually use in my job.

Expect to see Eugene, the IoT taxidermy ship it squirrel, mini missile launchers, drones and plenty of other stuff that are almost certainly applicable to building real shit, you know for banks and stuff.