Femke van Schoonhoven

Femke van Schoonhoven


Originally from New Zealand and now living in Amsterdam, Femke is a prolific creator, digital designer & product marketer at

An online prototyping tool, Atomic lets you easily craft beautiful transitions with your team - without ever having to write a single line of code.

A side project addict, Femke works by mornings and nights as a digital freelancer along with her partner Owen. They work on a range of digital projects from UX to marketing websites to online stores. She also enjoys writing about issues freelancers face as young creatives, discusses how to grow your audience and also interviews inspiring creatives on her blog.

Femke co-hosts the weekly design podcast Design Life with her friend Charli Prangley. Together they discuss issues about design and side projects for motivated creators.


Hunger, Home Runs and Dopey Ideas

How can we create a culture for great design?

We'll talk about three small ideas for how to do so: being a hungry designer, changing our mindset about hitting home runs, and embracing dopey ideas.

  1. Being a hungry designer is about being open to adapt. The hungry designers are the ones planning and scheming in the gaps and cracks between projects. Discovering ways to help their team go faster and create better work.

  2. Prototyping isn't about hitting home runs. The more we test, share, refine and repeat that cycle, the closer we'll get to uncovering the best result. We often feel we need to be right the first time because we're afraid of failure, but there's so much to be learnt during this process.

  3. Together, we need to embrace dopey ideas. Shared ideas stand the greatest chance of taking flight. Consider all the ideas you had that were never shared, and how they could have lead to something great.