Jim Stoten

Jim Stoten


Jim Stoten is an Illustrator and an Artist living in Venice, Italy and working from his studio at the back of a screen printing shop, on commissions for clients all over the World.

Jim has worked for a long list of clients over the last ten years including MTV, Levi's, Urban Outfitters, Nestle, Marmite and British Airways.

He has also continued to push his boundaries by working on personal projects that have allowed him to explore different ways of working including painting, animation, collage, music and film.

One of his personal projects lead to the publishing of his first children's book, published by Nobrow's children's book publishing house, Flying Eye Books, called Mr.Tweed's Good Deeds. This has lead to a books he is working on now, to be published later this year.

His work today consists mainly of elaborate and intricate drawings with a psychedelic flavour and animated gifs, all of which is applied to commercial briefs, editorial briefs and children's books. He also continues to work on personal projects and collaborations with animators, film makers and other creatives around the world.


Answers to the question 'What sort of stuff do you do?' and much much more.

I have never found it easy to define what it is that I do whenever someone asks. I usually say 'I'm an Illustrator' or, if I want to save time, 'I'm an Artist'.

But it's always the next question which I have trouble with; 'What sort of stuff do you do?'

So, in this talk I aim to explain what sort of stuff I do, because I do a lot of different stuff, but I'll also be looking at why I do it, which in my opinion is slightly more interesting.

I'll also be talking about the importance of reoccuring themes, personal heroes, schadenfreude and the exquisite beauty of the mind.

The result should be, if all goes to plan, a mix between an inspirational happening, and a long but well told anecdote.