Rob Bateman

Rob Bateman


Web obsessive graphics geek Rob Bateman is founder and organiser of The Away Foundation, a non-profit company that creates feely available resources for use by web professionals.

He started out by co-creating The Away3D engine in 2007, and has been developing and promoting open source tools and libraries ever since.

These days, the libraries produced by his company are used by thousands of organisations and freelancers around the world to power graphically rich interactive experiences and games.


Squaring the Sphere

Lessons learnt from 2 years of 2D graphics in WebGL.

Rather than being one "D" easier than 3D (as you would naturally think), the world of accelerated 2D comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties.

To overcome these, we'll look at a collection of novel GPU approaches to the traditional CPU-driven tasks of curve rendering, masking, text handling, anti aliasing and more.

Questions will be answered, demos will be demoed, and ancient greek geometric trickery will be utilised to full effect.

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