Carlos Ulloa

Carlos Ulloa


Carlos Ulloa is an interactive designer and co-founder of HelloEnjoy along with his partner Liber Aguilera.

They combine their passion for games with their love of music to create playful interactive experiences.

Although they produce commercial work for a range of clients including Disney, Sony, Samsung, Swarovski, Absolut, Lexus, Nissan and Peugeot, they are better known for their own innovative projects like HelloRacer, HelloFlower and HelloRun.

They are currently working on a music VR experience called Fantasynth, that uses Unreal Engine to create procedural audio-reactive environments.


Anything you can imagine, you can make it real

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Virtual Reality is an evolving art form with new creative possibilities for content creators. An interdisciplinary medium able to combine multiple passions and talents in ways never seen before.

In this session Carlos will focus on his project Fantasynth, an award-winning music experience for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. He will talk through the challenges faced by creators when building a VR experience and distributing it on Steam and Oculus store.

He will discuss how he uses Unreal Engine to render abstract worlds of sharp geometric shapes and eye-catching neon lights. Also he will cover techniques for music visualization and visual effects sequencing.

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