Chris Gannon

Chris Gannon


Chris is an award-winning interactive designer, motion artist, animator, illustrator and SVG connoisseur. His commercial career spans two decades and during which he's worked with Google, BBC, Amazon, BMW and the New York Times.

The client work pays for his personal projects. Dribbble and CodePen are his playgrounds, he's a prolific contributor to the web animation community and he speaks and writes about ideas, processes and workflows. He creates most of his work with JavaScript, SVG and After Effects and his minimal vector aesthetic and technical approach to design have won him the same CSS Design Award two years running. He sometimes builds open-source tools to bridge gaps in his workflow and, much to his surprise, other people use them too.

His sessions cover everything from quirky workflows, raw code and illustration to creative processes, weird analogies and leaping to potentially strange and improbable conclusions.


Interactive Web Animation

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Interactive web animation is more than button pressing and slider dragging - it's a multi-headed approach to animation design that encompasses the UI elements we use to operate and control them, the tools we use to design and create them, the data we can use to generate random, contextual or unique animations, the ways we can design animations that are easier for our clients and audience to control and the combination of tools at our disposal to help us create small and vibrant animations that will deliver the message in style.

Chris designs interactive animated SVG projects for fun and for cash and in his talk he deconstructs and shares his secrets and processes, exploring the tools he makes and uses including the After Effects SVG exporter Bodymovin and the GreenSock Animation Platform.

The importance of randomness, responsive LEGO, eggs with legs and other interactive treats are on the menu so make sure you're hungry.

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