Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann


Chris Heilmann dedicated the last 20 years of his life to make the web work and thrive.

As a lead developer on some of the largest web products he learned that knowledge is not enough without teamwork and good handover. He dedicated most of his time since on educating, writing and sharing, presenting on average at 30 conferences a year. He strives to make code and coders work efficiently and get more done quickly without losing the understanding of what we do.

He is the author of several JavaScript books and the Developer Evangelism handbook ( He is currently a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft and spends a lot of time pondering how machine learning and AI can aid humans and replace jobs we're too important to do.


Non-trivial pursuits - learning machines and forgetful humans

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Artificial Intelligence based on Machine learning is the new hotness. We as humans have been voluntarily monitored and recorded and fed the big data machine for years.

It is time we reap the rewards of that. It is time we build more human interfaces, expecting our users to do human things and enter human information instead of trying to make them do things that are repetitive and need them to switch their mindset. Let's take a look at some mistakes we make that look like sensible things to do. And let's look at some tools, APIs and approaches we should be using instead to get ready for the next users that expect a Star Trek computer experience.

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