Frederik Vanhoutte

Frederik Vanhoutte


During the day-time, Frederik is a physics PhD working as a radiotherapy medical physics expert. In a team of radiation oncologists, nurses and physicists he turns medical data into effective treatments for cancer patients.

During the night-time, Frederik is a creative coder, on the fine line between art and science, between utility and aesthetics.

When rain hits the windscreen, Frederik sees the tracks that alpha particles trace in cells. When he pulls the plug in the bath tub, he stays to watch the little whirlpool. When he sits at the kitchen table, he plays with the glasses to see the caustics. At a candle light dinner, he stares into the flame. Sometimes at night, he find himself behind the computer. When he finally blinks, a mess of code is drawing random structures on the screen. he spends the rest of the night staring.

Working with Processing since 2004, creative coding fuels his curiosity in physical, biological, geometric and computational systems. Bridging disciplines, he's sporadically involved in turning diverse sources of data into artistic visualizations, from CERN experimental results over Fukushima radiation measurements to classified mine layouts... But mostly, he codes for the pure fun of it.

His HE_Mesh library for the creation and manipulation of polygonal meshes in Processing has gained a small following and sees use in generative, sculptural and architectural explorations.



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  • Beet (bēt) english, n, nickname for Beethoven as in "Beet is my Stanford bunny!"
  • beet (bet) dutch, n, a bite, iemand beetnemen: to fool someone, iets beet hebben: to understand something
  • beet (bēt) english, n, turnip, not really but still kind of a funny vegetable

"Creative coding is about wonder, about exploration, about learning. And I'm happy to call myself a creative coder. Code gives me a way to play."

At least, that's what I've been telling myself the last 14 years. But isn't this just blurb talk? Is there really anything to my creative coding beyond cute visuals and nerdy math tricks?

"Beet" is a retrospective of where I'm coming from and where creative coding brings me today. Using a live Processing presentation, I'll go through old and new code and concepts. Along the way I'll be scratching surfaces, making shallow dives, breaking through layers of abstraction, and visiting familiar clichés*.

Warning: this talk is produced in a facility that handles generative design, rule-based systems, algorithms, sacred - and degenerate - geometry, polygon meshes, visual noise, subdivision, data viz, assorted ranting, and trace amounts of art and physics… And Beethoven, lots and lots of Beethoven.

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