Frederik Vanhoutte

Frederik Vanhoutte


Frederik Vanhoutte is a medical radiation physicist with a PhD in experimental solid state physics.

When rain hits the windscreen, he sees tracks alpha particles trace in cells.

When he pulls the plug in the bath tub, he stays to watch the little whirlpool.

When he sits at the kitchen table, he plays with the glasses to see the caustics.

At a candle light dinner, he stares into the flame.

Sometimes at night, he finds himself behind the computer. When he finally blinks, a mess of code is drawing random structures on the screen. He spends the rest of the night staring.

Working with Processing since 2004, creative coding fuels his curiosity in physical, biological and computational systems.

He erraticly shares his constructs on his website Recently, his hemesh Processing library is gaining a small following for the creation and manipulation of 3D meshes.


Generative necessity

Creative coding is about wonder, about exploration, about learning. And I'm happy to call myself a creative coder. Code gives me a way to play.

I've always been fascinated by rule-based systems and their odd behavior. Something within resonates, a feeling about a certain way the world is behaving. And why we're generally going about it the wrong way.

I'll try to convey some of that feeling. A feeling many seem to share as the generative principle is finding its way into design, architecture, fashion,... And also, why despite its popularity, capital A Art isn't picking up on it. And why it really should.

A great diversity of wonderfully talented people all over the world are continuously contributing stunning work. Instead, I'll illustrate my thoughts and ideas with my own dabblings. This way, I get to see them on a big screen...

Expect one, none or several of: generative design, rule-based systems and approaches, Processing, snowflakes, polyhedra, a rainbow, quantum noise, division, data viz, assorted ranting, some art and almost no physics... (But seriously, definitely the rainbow, the rainbow is important.)

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