Hattie Newman

Hattie Newman


Hattie Newman has earned an international reputation for her inimitable creations in the field of set design and papercraft. Found in advertisements, animations, physical spaces and books, her colourful work is loved by children, publishers and photographers alike. Hattie has directed a number of playful short films and animations, in which her wonderful paper sculptures magically come to life – most recently for a Christmas TV Commercial for the fashion brand, Lacoste.

Although based at her London studio, projects regularly call Hattie away to work in New York, Paris, Valencia, Milan and other places far from her original home of Devon, England. Her clients include Lacoste, NSPCC, The Guardian, Honda, Canon and John Lewis.

As well as practicing commercially Hattie is also active in design education, giving frequent talks and workshops to adults, students and children. Recent guest lectures include ‘Brief Design Festival’ in Madrid, ‘Papier Hier’ in Amsterdam and ‘Beyonderground Festival’ in Belgium. In the UK Hattie is a guest lecturer at the University of the West of England, where she gained her first class degree in Illustration, graduating in 2008.

Exhibitions showcasing Hattie’s work include Pick Me Up (Somerset House, London), The Paper Convention (Sydney) and The Paper Cut Festival (Amsterdam).


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Ever since I was small I wanted to make miniature towns and cities (growing up in the countryside’ll do that to a person). So, like most kids, I started doing it. But unlike the average well-balanced adult, I’ve found myself unable to stop.

When you look at a kebab stick, do you see a lamppost? Do you find you get through more glue than butter? If you have even one ‘yes’ in your head then come on down to my session and I’ll tell you how I got to become a paper artist and professional worldsmith, following in the footsteps of Tolkein, Jim Henson and the Thunderbirds guys.

See you there!