Mike Brondbjerg

Mike Brondbjerg


Mike Brondbjerg is a partner at Kultur Design, a creative studio specialising in information and generative design, data visualisation, data art.

Kultur Design produce work for print, motion, installation and the web, for a range of agencies and clients like Kano Computers, Heineken, Reasons To, Abbott Laboratories, King’s College London, 51 Degrees, The Away Foundation, Volanti Imaging, Digital Arti & BGRS.

Their work ranges from analytical information design & data visualisations through to data illustration and generative design.


Data as a Creative Material

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • designers
  • developers
  • creative
  • technical
  • coding
  • design
  • data viz
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Art
  • Examples

This session is about how Kultur Design use data as a seed material in creative projects.

Your data, with it’s stories and characteristics, contains the features, textures, peaks & troughs of your endeavours and is bound uniquely to you. Using this data as the seed in our creative process, allows us to (hopefully) produce data art, design & visualisation, that has the uniqueness & serendipity of your endeavours embedded within it.

We'll look at how data, in one form or another, connects all of our projects and how we've used it in very different ways.

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