Phil Corbett

Phil Corbett


Phil is an illustrator and narrative designer specialising in character creation.

His character designs have adorned everything from cakes to adult toys and everything in between – which, taken literally is quite an unpleasant image – but fairly appropriate for his cute creations that on closer inspection often have darker undertones.

Usually skipping back and forth between working on games and kid’s TV and working for clients such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sony, Nintendo, Cadbury’s and AussieBum Phil happily doodles his characters wherever he can and for whoever wants them.

He was the last person to write and illustrate the adventures of one of the oldest comic characters in the world, Korky the Cat in the Dandy. But still claims that the reason that venerable comic stopped being published after 75 years has nothing to do with him.


Super Cute but Slightly Debauched - Illustrating for the Purest & the Dirtiest Minds

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I’d love to say that this session will be NSFW but that’s kind of just to get you to come in and come and see it. Besides, it’s all about my work so if it’s safe for my work, then it’ll almost certainly be safe for you. Anyway you’re not at work, you’re here at Reasons, where anything goes.

I fear I’m misleading you, just to get you in to see me talking about my work by making out that it's all dead sexy and titillating. I did have a spell designing erotic amusements for a fetish company but I’d say that work was ostrobogulous and tasteful rather than hard core. But working in an environment where rubber puppy suits and velvet straitjackets were the norm for so long has resulted in a slight skewing of my aesthetic compass – This training has put me in good stead for where I am today, where most of the work I do is for kids. I think it’s the natural progression that most careers go through, isn’t it?

If are interested in cartoons, character designs, colourful illustrations and how much fun it is trying to get a television series commissioned or a book published then this session is for you.

I also think you’ll enjoy it if you’re a little bit kinky too.