Dino Burbidge

Dino Burbidge


Dino Burbidge has a rather eclectic background. He started programming as part of the home computer boom in the early 1980's, trained as a designer in the 90's and has been straddling the blurry line between creativity and technology ever since. He is currently Director of Innovation and Technology at London ad agency WCRS.

His role at WCRS is essentially answering the question “This seems impossible… how do we make it?” - whether it’s brainstorming new campaigns, using neuroscience to gain creative insight, making digital billboard react to faces or crafting sets out of MDF and sticky tape.

He has also spent over 10 years as Creative Director for digital agencies, founded a mobile app agency in the music industry, was the Head of Creative Technology at Disney, a games and CD-ROM developer at the BBC, children’s IP creator and helped make toys and movies for Moshi Monsters. He’s even got a BAFTA and a few Cannes Lions somewhere. His role is always to be a sponge, join the dots, solve real problems and make it all feel simple.


The Weird Science of Super Creativity

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This whistle-stop tour explores anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that has scientific proof that it boosts creativity. Would you electrocute your head if I told you it would make you 10% more creative? What about eating walnuts or taking a quick nap… but not for too long? Would drugs help? Or maybe you just listening to the right kind of music?

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of human creativity boosting. It's not Voodoo. It's backed up by science, measurable results and is not as far-fetched as it may seem.
In this session, I'll be taking you through the latest research and the practical ways you can simply be more creative. The more creative you can't afford to miss it...