From Form is a Rotterdam-based film and design studio founded by Jurjen Versteeg and Ashley Govers. They’re passionate about working across print, spatial and film, and their projects include set design and photography, commercials, title sequences and graphics.

The common thread that runs through their creative approach is their interest in building worlds based on meticulous attention to detail. The duo constantly explores different materials, textures, forms and processes. These experiments helps them to create immersive visual experiences that come to life on screen, on paper or in a 3D space. From
Form often combines digital and analogue approaches within the same project to create playful, engaging and memorable work.


Creating Worlds

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As a multi disciplinary studio we love building worlds. In any form whatsoever. Whether it’s a set design for a film, an installation for a title sequence or a series of hand painting GIF’s.

In this talk, we want to give you an insight in how these worlds come to life, how we try to challenge ourselves by experimenting with new materials and techniques and even more important, how these different worlds gave shape to our studio over the last few years.

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