Irene Pereyra

Irene Pereyra


Irene Pereyra is the co-founder of the Brooklyn based design studio "Anton & Irene". She has led the strategy and UX initiatives for clients including The Met, Kickstarter, Balenciaga, Wacom, Zumtobel, USA Today, EA, Spotify, Google, Nickelodeon, Karim Rashid, Shantell Martin, BBC and Red Bull for both the web and cross-platform applications.

Her work has been recognized by Cannes, The Webbys, The Emmys, The FWA, Awwwards, Interaction Design Association and The European Design Awards.


Getting Personal Projects Made

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Nearly every designer after a few years of working for a studio, begins to think about starting his or her own business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fancy office, work only on the projects that you like, without having to sell your soul to the devilish client and compromise when amending designs? But reality is more complex than that and definitely less romantic.

Irene Pereyra will talk about transforming a small studio into a project and will share her experience including all the successes and failures she went through along the way.