Liam Walsh

Liam Walsh


Liam Walsh is the Creative Technology Director of Interactive Arts, the team at Nexus studios dedicated to understanding and harnessing emerging technologies in service of engaging story experiences.

For over 10 years, Liam's research, ideas and coding work across the motion graphics, video games, toy and publishing industries has pushed the boundaries of possibility and been rewarded with a D&AD Black pencil (for National Gallery Grand Tours), a BIMA award, numerous FWA awards and Cannes Cyber Lion, SxSW and BAFTA nominations.

Before joining Nexus Studios, Liam was head of Creative Technology at Wonderbly ('Lost my Name'), a Google Ventures backed children's entertainment startup following holding Creative Technologist roles at agencies such as Digit London, B-Reel, Preloaded, Berg, W12 Studios and Imagination.


Hi-Tech Absurdities

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In this talk Liam will discuss a couple of notable innovative creative and technical projects from the past couple of years. He'll talk honestly about what worked and what didn't; his approach to having ideas, learning technologies quickly and making things - even (especially) when you're not an expert.

He'll show an award winning augmented reality way finding tool that was a viral success in Japan and won several awards.
And a machine learning backed voice controlled children's book that took ages but ultimately ended up never launching.

Like all of Liam's favourite projects they were both extremely challenging technically yet also utterly ridiculous - it will be a fun peek behind the curtain and he will share some never before seen techniques for how to use charm, humour and mentalism to solve technical problems when you were better at Art than Maths.