Mathieu Gosselin

Mathieu Gosselin


Half-coder, half-designer, half-entrepreneur, and half-crazy. Mathieu has been doing development and design for the likes of Nike (iD, Kit Builder), Nokia, Landrover, Ford (Fiesta, Kuga), Burberry (Art of the Trench) before starting his own company Psykosoft which went the whole VC/Accelerator route and crashed down spectacularly.

He then picked up his pieces and created new products for Time Inc. (Marie Claire, NME, Time Magazine), RMA (ex-Adobe consulting) then recently headed the product and design at Emoticast where he helped inject fully licensed music into messages and built an app with Will I am.

Member of London futurists, write irregularly about the future for Fast Co, Startup Grind and Future plc. He also recently wrote a very unpredictable book called "The random Book" and recently undertook the small task of redesigning religion.


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