Nadieh Bremer

Nadieh Bremer


Nadieh Bremer is a freelancing data visualization designer and artist, working from Amsterdam, with a background in data science. In 2011 she graduated as an Astronomer from the University of Leiden. Looking for more tangible and dynamic work she left the world of academia and worked as a Analytics Consultant at Deloitte.

It took her a while to figure out that, although she liked doing data analysis, she loved the visualization of the analysis & insights. In her evenings and weekends she started teaching herself about the subject of data visualization and posting personal projects on her blog A year later in 2015 she got the opportunity to join Adyen as a full-time data visualization designer. And finally, in 2017 she gathered the nerve to go full-time into freelancing, focusing more on the creative kind of data visualization.

Nadieh's projects include web-based interactive visualizations, frequently using a storytelling technique to show insights into complex data, and static visualizations that typically allow a bit more freedom in their design. She also likes to explore the world of data art; something that wouldn’t look bad hanging on a wall, or that can be used as branding/marketing material.


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