Karsten Schmidt

Karsten Schmidt


Karsten Schmidt explores the growing possibilities at the intersection of various design disciplines and software development.

Working cross-disciplinary with a network of other creatives, his design approach is based on treating ideas as software at the heart, which in turn informs all other facets of each project.

Karsten uses code as primary design tool to build unique, highly adaptable platforms, installations, services and systems for some of the world's most respected & innovative brands.

He is also an active participator and contributor to the Processing community and strong believer in open-source culture.


"We make our own tools, and then they shape us."

Taking this famous quote by Kenneth E. Boulding as starting point, this session will try to put several current issues & ongoing paradigm shifts in the design world in context and focus on:

Digital literacy, education, opensource

Creativity vs. originality: sampling vs. synthesis & code as design tool

Technology, fetish, art, craft, philosophy, history

Tool building vs. tool using

Paradox: designing for indirection in order to create bespoke outcomes

Architecture, system theory, complexity, shear layers

Design as verb: feedback loops, iteration, reflection (technically & culturally)

Generative approach: abstraction, data, spaces, topologies, behaviours, algorithms

Model & data driven design

Toxiclibs: micro tools, layering concepts, independence

All of the above will be interspersed with various realworld examples/projects and hopefully again some small livecoding to better explain the main issues.


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