Karsten Schmidt

Karsten Schmidt


Karsten Schmidt explores the growing possibilities at the intersection of various design disciplines and software development.

Working cross-disciplinary with a network of other creatives, his design approach is based on treating ideas as software at the heart, which in turn informs all other facets of each project.

Karsten uses code as primary design tool to build unique, highly adaptable platforms, installations, services and systems for some of the world's most respected & innovative brands.

He is also an active participator and contributor to the Processing community and strong believer in open-source culture.


Polymorphism, open source & generative design

This year my session is not intended to be about a particular tool or programming language (although concrete examples will use Java & Processing), but a hands-on discussion (with lots of visuals) of things learned about:

Tool vs. library design, OOP vs. copy+paste cultures, education, transdisciplinarity, metaphors, transformability of digital data, layers of abstraction, emergence, form finding, search spaces, design patterns, providing generics, granularity, maximizing reusability, achieving constant flow through refactoring, (code) architectures, sampling vs. synthesis (of ideas), open source as design research, open source in the creative industry, peers as clients


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