Jon Howard

Jon Howard


Jon is the Executive Product Manager for Future Development for CBBC & CBeebies.

In this role he works closely with Interactive/TV producers, User Experience experts, the renowned BBC Research and Development department and many of the world's best digital agencies to set strategy for the games portfolio on UK's most successful children's websites.

Jon had a key role in the massively successful CBeebies Playtime app and over the years has designed, developed and lead on hugely successful games for major UK and international kid's brands - including Scooby Doo , Tree Fu Tom, Rastamouse, Shaun the Sheep, Charlie & Lola, Dick & Dom, Horrible Histories, Sarah Jane Adventures, Scorpion Island, and many more.

Jon takes a keen interest in creativity, innovation, and technology advancements - is a creative coder, a prolific game maker, and an enthusiastic mathematician/statistician with a great passion for BBC Children's, digital media and interactive experiences.


The Future of Digital Creativity

Will the next generation of digital creators be able to concentrate on the creative process without getting bogged down in the minutiae of development issues?

There is a future that offers component based tools enabling digital creativity at close to the speed of thought. What can we do to hasten this brave new world? or will we be driving headlong into a Dystopian nightmare?

In this interactive session we are going to abstract some complexity and bring the future a little bit closer.

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