Lizzie Mary Cullen

Lizzie Mary Cullen


Lizzie is a multi award-winning illustrator, speaker and artist based in London.

Graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2008, Lizzie's work has been featured on BBC, Huffington Post, The Independent, Glamour, WIRED and more. Her first book with Penguin 'The Magical City' was published in July 2015.

Lizzie's psychogeographic maps and urban ink illustrations have been exhibited internationally in London, New York and Paris and clients include Universal Music, Harvey Nichols, HTC, MTV, First Direct, Lewis Hamilton, Unilever and Oxfam.

In 2014 Lizzie went to live with the Beehive Design Collective in North East America. After working and contributing to the commune and making medicine with the Passamaquoddy tribe, Lizzie was transformed.

Everyday Lizzie practises the joy of kindness to fellow humans and nature and endeavours to live in the present, treasuring each precious moment on this earth.


Overcoming the Fame Game

How many likes have I got? Is it enough? I need more Instagram followers - Oh my god...they have more than me. Shit! I'm failing - the internet says I'm failing...


We all do it.

The question is - how do we overcome it?

In this session I will be discussing how to develop methods of coping with this modern world - a world where your Facebook likes determine your self worth, and the number of Twitter followers show how successful you are.

I've overcome it (most of the time!)

And so can you.

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